Why Is Private Peaceful Such a Good Read?

Topics: English-language films, Emotion, Love Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: October 31, 2010
A story of memories, relationships and war... It’s a deeply moving portrayal of camaraderie, courage, innocence and brutality. Written from the heart; a poignant, elegiac novel. This tragic narrative is based on the true meaning of World War I. Where two brothers stick out for each other, and share everything they have with one another; their first love even. It shows the deep bonds that Michael Murporgo created between the characters. The paragraphs show and create an image of what it would have been like; to be out fighting in war. The story is written as if it were thoughts from the head written on paper with real life experiences; as if it was coming from the actual hands of Thomas Peaceful himself. It’s almost set out like a diary; starting at eleven years behind of Tommo’s past life. It was all written as memories at first (example: ‘I remember when...’, ‘There was a time when...’). Then to the end of the book, it comes to the present time of 6:00 o’clock in the morning. All the events in the past of Tommo’s life were written with care and detail; he was the narrator (this precious memories and untold secrets; all of it. How he had always felt guilty when he accidently killed his own father. How his love for Molly grew by day, and how he felt betrayed by his own brother, Charlie. When he came across the marching band in the high street and acted like a coward. How he got into the army underage with the help of Charlie. Many emotions were shown in these scenes... Guilt, love, betrayal, shame, loyalty, courage and so forth... They are all decrypted with relationships between characters. Charlie had always stood up for Thomas. He took the blame when it wasn’t his to take. He fought for Thomas, and was punished in his place. He even ended up dying for Tommo’s sake; for brotherhood. And yet, Charlie still held his head up high, (even though, he took Tommo’s first love from him, married her and they had a baby). Charlie still loved his brother, since they were...
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