Why Is Our Nation Still at War?

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Why Is Our Nation Still at War?

By | Feb. 2006
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Why is our nation still at war?
In recent times, nothing has changed the lives of Americans more than the war in Iraq. The events preceding and surrounding this military activity has captured the emotions and changed the lives of nearly every American. As a nation, Americans made a myriad of hasty and uninformed decisions to alter the socioeconomic future of several nations. The American people deserve to know the truth about the decisions made and lies told which affected so many lives. Only then will America as a nation agree in changing our occupation strategy by withdrawing our forces from the war in Iraq. In search of the truth a truly patriotic American may ask the following questions: 1.What purpose does the war in Iraq have?

2.Did Americans want war?
3.Can we win the war?
Due to the lack of viable American interest, purpose, and a clearly defined end state of combat, American needs to take the appropriate measures of withdrawing its troops from Iraq.
Following the attack on 9/11, the American public wanted someone to pay for the indecent acts of terrorism that had occurred. Many people looked for someone to blame. To state the facts clearly, so was our president. He used the momentum of the public's outrage to quickly hop on the "kill al Qaida and friends" bandwagon. The results led to the Bush administration showering us with a series of lies. These lies could have encouraged people in the need to justify an attack on a foreign power.

Not long after the 9/11 attack the president and his administration went on record as stating Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and cooperated with Bin Laden and the Al Qaida. This unsubstantiated series of lies would later justify the wrongful utilization of military forces. The use of military force deserves the solid evidence of an imminent threat and an unavoidable war. For more than a year, the administration supplied a steady stream of unreliable statements. At no time did it make a...

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