Why Is It Important to Prepare for Academic Success

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Failure to plan is a plan to fail.this is an old adage once used by Winston Churchill during the world war II that emphasized the importance of planning ahead.Planning for academic achievement requires various components that need to work in harmony to facilitate that success.these components are critical and no success can be achieved without them. There is a big connection between the way I prepare myself today and the successes I gain tomorrow.Every journey starts with one step,so the saying goes but preparation is the key to the journey.Knowing your destination,the easiest way to get there,altenative routes,and the resources I need to get there determines the success of the journey.Many students fail to prepare themselves for academic success and obstacles on the way makes them overwhelmed,disillusioned and finally give up.It saves a lot of headaches,times when we prepare ourselves accordingly and its always a good feeling to know that we are equipped with whatever it takes to complete our journey to academic success.Most students who drop out of college do so due to circumstances that came as a result of lack of preparation. Reading forms an essential part of our academic success.It helps us absorb and interpret the knowledge we gain which becomes part of our skills for life.its unimaginable how hard it would be for me; as a non English speaker who don’t know how to read English.I would struggle to communicate as well as receive any communication.I cannot imagine going to a job interview and I cannot read my application.Reading is the yardstick to measure how one is knowledged in certain skills.Just like I cannot travel to unfamiliar place wthout ability to read signs, I cannot go up the academic ladder without the ability to understand where I am and where I am heading to.Most of my academic work will require a great mastery in reading and that’s one...
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