Why Is It Important for Marketers to ‘Delight ‘ Their Customers?

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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Why is it important for marketers to ‘delight ‘ their customers? As a customer, today, who unconsciously receives abundant information of a product before s/he buys it. From then on, s/he will be sent email questionnaires,discount information and coupons regularly,and sometimes a call from the company inquiry s/he about the product. If s/he joins the member of the brand, it will send s/he birthday or holiday gift.

Companies plan this series of serves to delight their costumers not only to satisfy them, but also aim to keep a longtime relationship with regular customer and attract potential customers. In one word, it is all for one single reason – profit. Undoubtedly, profit is the ultimate focus of business. And delighting customers is becoming a vital factor help company win profit. So it is why there are more companies and marketers pay attentions to delight their customers.

With the increasing severe competition, companies nowadays attempt a variety of approach to compete with each other. As a main one, delighting customers boost profits and contribute companies to win in competitions. For example, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. It sells coffee, food and provided comfortable environment to customers for chatting and rest. Also it sells merchandise such as cups, coffeemakers,which sometime shared with friends and families who could be their customers in the future. Besides, Starbucks hold classes that teach customers about coffee, which pleased them to keep loyalty customers come frequently and make new ones to join them.

Secondly, customer delighted is becoming one of significant consumer demand owing to the huge changes of pace and styles of life. The huge development of new technology has changed people’s life as well as demand. 10 year ago, people in china always went home for lunch in workdays because they lived nearby and had enough time for cook. However, now, most of they chose to eat in fast food restaurants...
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