Why Is Homeless Shelters Needed for Women

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: June 6, 2012

Domestic violence is an unruly conduct that has plagued our nation for many past centuries. It’s an assaultive and coercive behavioral pattern which involves physical, sexual and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, which generally male partner’s uses against their intimate partners. Domestic violence is not an isolated individual event; it’s usually a pattern of multiple tactics and repeated events. Unlike stranger to stranger violence in domestic violence the assaults are repeated against the same victim by the same perpetrator. These assaults occur in different forms, such as: * Physical assault: assault with lethal weapon, hitting, pushing, pulling hair, holding down, Emotional assault: criticizing, blaming, verbal threatening * Sexual assault: Sexual demands, forcing sexual acts against your will * Psychological assault:

From results of the enormous amount of nationwide known cases of this unlawful behavior temporary emergency shelter homes has been developed throughout the nation to provide safety, emergency housing and temporary assistance. One of the largest facilities here in Michigan which also has a few locations within Detroit is called the YWCA. I visited the YWCA interim House of Detroit to get some incite about when the facility was discovered and developed within Detroit and the comprehensive services they provide, how is the organization funded, and what their morally objective. The YWCA Interim House of Detroit is located on 6 mile and Wyoming. This facility is a temporary emergency housing for battered women and their children. The YWCA Interim House is a segmented unit of the YWCA. The facility opened its doors in 1979, becoming one of the first and the largest shelters in Michigan. The shelter environment is safe, comfortable, caring and supportive. The average length of stay is 60 days. A) YWCA Interim House comprehensive services:

* 24 hour crisis line
* 67 beds
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