Why Is Education Important

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In Mexico, things were tough. My dad had a stable job but it still wasn’t enough to pay the bills and when we didn’t have any money, my mom would go around the neighborhood selling homemade bread. Once my dad decided that moving to America would be our only chance to have better life, I knew then that my life was about to change.

The American school system is a lot more different than the one in Mexico. The amount of homework assigned to us was significantly less than in Mexico and therefore easier to manage. But the stress that my parents put over me and my brother to do well in school was hard-hitting. They would always talk about the importance of going to school and being well educated. They would warn us about the consequences of not going to college—using themselves as examples—and how life was so much harder for people who had little education.

That is my reality. I was brought to the United States to have the opportunity of having a better lifestyle than the one my parents had. I was brought to the “Land of Opportunity” because in my native country, only the wealthy have a greater chance of attending college.

While my parents worked long hours at their factory jobs, me and my brother worked hard in school—staying after school for tutoring, doing our homework as soon as we got home, and being respectful to our teachers. I wanted to show my parents that the sacrifice they were making for us would pay off.

In 7th grade, my dad and brother left. No good-byes…just simply took off and went back to Mexico. And everything in my world began to fall apart.
Shortly after they had left, my mom lost her job at the factory and began working as a janitor. I barely saw my mom since she was always working so I started slacking off in school. I gave up hope and my motivation to attend college slowly diminished. My mom and I were illegal “aliens” so I thought that due to my immigration status I wouldn’t be accepted into college and for a while I completely...
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