Why Is Diversity an Important Challenge Facing Organizations Today?

Topics: Change, Culture, Agriculture Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Why is diversity an important challenge facing organizations today?

In today’s organizations, diversity has become an important challenge for managers. The main diversity focus in the population, the workforce, and the market-place; in fact, there is no manager can afford to ignore, and the diversity issues are growing more complex than before years. Groups of organization seeking full inclusion in the workplace, some of diversity are based on workforce diversity. Now organizations recognize that everyone is not the same and that the differences people bring to the workforce are valuable.

The diversity of the workforce refers to people who make up the staff who have different qualities, or who belong to different cultural groups. From a personal point of view, diversity means including people at different levels along their own, such as race, age, race, gender or social background. An important thing to remember is that diversity, including every person, not just racial and ethnic minorities.

Diversity in today's global environment, population structure has changed, the changes have taken place in the labor force, more and more women entered the workplace, organizations need to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees, so the evolution of diversity The challenge has become an important organization in the now.

Primary level is including the inherent differences or differences in the diversity. the impact of a lifetime. The main aspects of the core elements, so that people change their self-image and world view. These include age, race, ethnicity, gender, mental or physical ability, and sexual orientation.

Secondary dimensions can be acquired or changed throughout one’s lifetime. These dimensions tend to have less impact than those of the core but nevertheless affect a person’s self-definition and world view and have an impact on how the person is viewed by others. Secondary dimensions such as work style, communication style, and...
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