Why Is Cheating Wrong?

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Cheating Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Why is cheating wrong? Many people ask this question. Some others think it is a silly question to ask. There are many views of this question. I think it is a good question to ask. I think it is wrong because not only are you breaking rules but you are cheating your own self. This does not hurt anyone else but yourself. The best thing to do to resolve this problem is to not cheat.

The reason that you only cheat yourself is because everyone else knows the answers except you. This works for sports and academics. Sports because if you do not work enough you will be the one not ready for whatever you are practicing for. You could also be the one on the team that is out of shape. This could lead to you not getting the position you want and maybe not even starting. It is almost the same for academics. Say you cheat on all of the homework for a chapter and get all one-hundreds. At the end of the chapter you have a test on that chapter. Well the day you get your test back you don’t have a passing grade because you cheated on all of your homework. You got the failing grade because you cheated on your homework and did not know what the whole chapter was about. Therefore, if you cheat you are only cheating yourself.

Do not cheat on anything, you will only hurt yourself. This will not look good on you at all. You might cheat because you don’t like the grade you have. However, you cheat and get caught and get a lower grade than you had before you cheated.
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