Why Is Cap Controversial?

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Government and politics A2: Europe
Why is CAP so controversial?
To many the ‘Common Agricultural Policy’ is undoubtfully one of the most controversial policies within the European Union. The initial reason for its creation in 1962 was to increase productivity and to address the concept of Europe never going ‘hungry’ or in other words living standards. Critics are arguing that the basis to which the policy was founded upon does not reflect issues needed to be tackled in the 21st century and should be scrapped. Pundits are arguing that CAP has evolved from the principles and aims set in 1962 to a more ‘protectionist’ policy in agriculture and rural areas. Clearly CAP controversial issues stand by disagreements of member state and its lack of success in reforms. Many political pundits have argued that a main controversy of the common agriculture policy is that through its aim of Europe not relying on imported food has lead to ‘mountains’ of surplus food and drinks. This has resulted in many products sold overseas or destroyed which in turn have caused he micro-economies in areas such as East Africa to be destroyed as they cannot compete. Many humanitarian organisation have condemned the policy in relations to wasted food and have been labelled as ‘hypocrites’ when raising money through ‘live aid’. Another element where controversy has occurred is the economics of CAP. Many analysts argue that CAP is too expensive and thus making it unsustainable. It currently costs a third of the EU budget to keep it in running. Sceptics argue that France alone consumes 16.2% of the CAP budget, and only a mere 5% of EU citizens are working in agriculture. However, supporters of the policy claim that it creates a notion of price volatility causing a security for the future. Yet many are arguing due to the Euro crisis and the current economic climate CAP should be abolished particularly due to the increase in expenditure of CAP. Political critics state that CAP is so...
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