Why Internet Most Important Invention

Topics: Need, Want, Communication Pages: 3 (412 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Do you know the best ever invention in the world? I know and now I will tell youthe

invention of the world's best ever.Until now,scientists and inventer have made a lot

inventions in the world.All of these were important and necessary.But,internet is the must

important invention in the world because of two reasons:communication and resource.

First of all,the internet has very important role in communication.Because,communication

is necessary for people in daily life.People always talk,send messages.Briefly,They need to

communication in their daily life.Therefore;the internet is important for people.They talk

their family,friends or other people in life.For instance;teenager always chatting or

sending message to their friends.They talk friends or their family on internet.Because;the

internet is free.Everybody can use easily internet.You used computer when you don’t

need money.Firstly;the internet is easy accessible for people in

communication.Technology were developed.Anymore,the internet is everywhere.For

example;mobilphone,pc,İpad,laptop and pda have internet.People can always use internet

on their mobilphone.Whenever you want can use internet for communication.Our

mobilphone or pda have call and message system on internet.Secondly;the internet is

free on communication for people.We can use internet limitlessly.Nobody have to pay

money for internet.Everybody can always use internet.İn short,the internet is easy

accessible and costless for in their life.

Second of reason,the internet has very large research posibilities.People can always

find everything easily.There are history,places,sport and all information on internet.The

internet knows everything.İt answers everything.We want to find some information when

we use internet.We look up information on internet.Briefly;the internet is the biggest

resource in the world.And,this is free.People found new or different information on...
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