Why Indie Music Is Better

Topics: Independent music, Independent record label, Art Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Hayley Huston
Mr. Kahl
English III
October 8, 2012
Why Indie Music Is Better
Most people do not know about indie music. Independent music, in my opinion, is the form of all music with out the persuasion of the general public, as well as the persuasion of the immense gain of wealth that we see today by current mainstream artists. These independent artists have an unexpurgated, pure of form music with out the control of demanding labels and corporate companies. Independent music is superior to mainstream garble because you can appreciate the music for exactly what it is, and not have some preconception of the music just because it’s popular, or enjoy it because the “artist” puts on a “good show”.

Indie artist are superior compared to mainstream artists because they are not owned by corrupt labels and corporate companies, and have not been created in order to please the general public. Today’s indie artists can range from post-punk garage rock, to new wave lo-fi, but they all have something in common. All these independent artists stay true to their artistic integrity. They are able to do this because their creative talent is not constrained by the large labels. Compared to the most of the current mainstream, they have not been conjured up by a corporate company in order to seduce the general public into enjoying their music by using depraved tactics in pursuance of pleasing the mind and senses of the easily manipulated. Certain widely accepted artists tend to lack originality. This is because they eradicate their off beat artistic ideas, in order to make their music more digestible for the masses. This causes their music to be muddled with pointless simplistic beats that most people enjoy. Therefore, compared to the current mainstream, Independent artists do not break down their creative ideas and boil them down into nothing so that a large majority of people will accept it.

These preordained mainstream artists are popular because of their artfully...
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