Why India Still Developing

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Why is India Still a Developing Country?

60 years since freedom, India is still being called a developing country. It is not that India is incapable of being developed. The fat is that scientific temper is not at l encouraged. There are 3 main things due to which India’s development is stationary. They are- corruption, education system and negligence

I have listed out the drawbacks in detail by practically observing the raw facts.

This is domain character inherited by most of the politicians and government officials. Starting from people who sweep the roads to the MLA’s (Member of Legislative assembly) you come across corruption. If any important work is to be done by the government with immediate action, it is understood that we may have to bribe them. I would like to tell you all an incident (I’m not going to be too specific about the names). My friend’s father is a civil engineer. He was once given a contract by the government to lay roads in certain areas. He suggested his senior if they could lay RCC roads (Reinforced Concrete Cement) so that it gives a permanent effect and there would be no burden of laying roads every year. But his senior shamelessly replied “If I lay the tarred roads now it gives a temporary effect and must be laid again in a year or two. I can grab 10% of the money what government supplies as a contract” This is the situation what we are facing. Last month when cousin had lost his mobile phone, I went along with him to lodge a police complaint. There was a sub inspector who asked if we could pay 1500 Rs so that they can track the phone. We are so used to these shameless acts that our minds have stopped feeling hesitated. If officials like them stop being so greedy, India will hit the top. According to a recent study, such corrupt officials get rich quicker by the bribe (which is almost thrice their allotted income).

Weak Education system:

There is no doubt that Indians are brilliant. They do not get the right...
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