Why India Is Still Devloping?

Topics: India, Developing country, Economics Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: August 3, 2012
The European countries has less populaton, but they are more developed than India. India is bigger in size also, but why India cannot turn its human resource into its developing as an economically powerful nation. • 3 years ago

i cant understand ur logic behind population: u mean more=more development. but this is not true. d reason that India is still a developing nation is as follows: 1.India got independence only 60 yrs back. britishers ruled India for 200 yrs and did all type of exploitation. India was said 2 b a golden bird b4 that. but britishers left nothing when they left India. India had 2 start from zero after that. 2.all developed nations r industrial based while India is agriculture based country.  3.continues war (4 direct wars and continues cold war) with pakistan is also a major loss for Indian economy.

considering the factors that India is still a developing nation, it is now among top countries in software (IT) field. India is now a strong contender of UN security council seat. Because indians are still bogged down by religion, caste, etc. See Indians outside India, they are normally quite successful, why? because even while they may keep their religious faith and customs PRIVATELY (and why shouldn't they?), it doesn't interfere in normal economic activity as it does in India.

If India were to actually put into practise its own secular Constitution and actually enforce its own laws in that respect, with that enormous population it would surely be one of the world's great powers. The simple answer is that our whole system sucks. Saw some real good examples recently. BJP Government at the center passes some guidelines for the development (??) of Delhi that another minister in the same government says “It will ruin Delhi”. And what does the representation of BJP in Delhi have to say about that? “No one can stop us from coming to power”

Eh? Are the guidelines made to bring back BJP to power in...
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