Why Idont Miss High School

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Why I Don’t Miss High School
During my last four years of publicly funded learning, I went through having to wake up early in the morning, before the street lights came on. In high school, I had good times. My only responsibility was showing up to class and getting acceptable grades. I ate for free, or almost nothing. I saw my peers daily. During my last four years of public school, high school was my life. I did everything maintained the latest fashion, and I did almost anything to be accepted. Nevertheless, something always went wrong. I couldn’t wait to get out into real world to find myself, so that’s why I started college.

Now that I’m in college, anything and everything goes. I don’t answer to my parents and there are no rules. Once from high school, my college life became a wee bit sweeter when I was able to govern myself. Lastly, I considered fraternities. They host all the parties, are respected and might help with my future by setting me up with alumni, who are often powerful people.

The advantages of college are greater than high school because I can join fraternities, which are brotherhoods for life. In college, there’s always something going on and new people to meet. In high school, everything is routine and everybody knows everybody. I had little freedom in high school, and I was under to many parental restrictions. In college, I was treated as an adult and had to answer to no one. Furthermore, college began my experience with the world and aided with my discovery. High school crippled me because I was always trying to catch the approval of my peers. That is why I am glad I’m out of there, and I never ever plan on going back.
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