Why Human Cloning Should Be Allowed?

Topics: Organ transplant, Cloning, Human Pages: 4 (1598 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Why human cloning should be allowed?
Should human be duplicated? It is a question that a lot of people have been asking around the world after scientists discovered this process. During these years cloning has been one of the most debatable topics around the world that has been discussed in the congress as well. The basic argument is a war between ethic and science. In 1997, a sheep called Dolly was successfully cloned by a Scottish Dr. Ian Wilmot for the first time in history. This invention made people realize that human cloning will soon be possible and it is no longer a Science fiction movie subject. However, cloning could be an answer to many human problems not everybody thought it is a good thing. According to a Time Magazine article, 75 percent of people didn’t agree with human cloning because they believed it is against God’s will. However 91 percent of them couldn’t define human cloning.

Cloning is taking a cell from a live creature and using it to produce another creature with the same genetic sequence. Even though this process can result in the birth of a clone, it is often only used for producing partially developed organisms with research purposes.Not long after reproduction of Dolly American researchers was able to successfully clone a human embryo by injecting an adult's skin DNA into a human egg and extraction the stem cells. Stem cells can later multiply and turn themselves into any other cell type. This will allow doctors to grow healthy cells by using the patiants own DNA and replacing them with the diseased tissues.

Acoording to Robert Wachbroit a Washington Post Journalist “Producing a clone of a human being would not amount to creating a "carbon copy" an automaton of the sort familiar from science fiction. It would be more like producing a delayed identical twin. And just as identical twins are two separate people—biologically, psychologically, morally and legally, though not genetically, so a clone is a separate person from his or...
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