Why Has the Conflict in the Middle East Been so Intractable

Topics: Israel, Zionism, Jews Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Why has the conflict in the Middle East been so intractable?

The conflict in the Middle East focuses on the tension between Israel and Palestine which stems from the early 20th century, specifically after the Second World War, to this day the conflict still hasn’t been resolved. Neither Palestine nor Israel are satisfied with the current situation. Israel is internationally recognised as a sovereign state whereas Palestine is not, it’s built up of the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank. The term intractable basically means something is hard to deal with or to control. The conflict has deep historical roots as both states believe they have a right to occupy the land due to religious/spiritual reasons and the idea of it being the homeland of their ancestors. Jerusalem is considered as a Holy city for the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These factors can all be considered as the basic core principles as to why the situation is as out of control as it is. This essay will be thoroughly explaining how the conflict in the Middle East is too complex to resolve starting with the origins of the conflict and even discussing current problems that prevent progression in the region of the Middle East.

The origins of the conflict can be linked to the Zionist movement which was ignited during the late 18th century, this was when Yehuda hai Alkalai was born. He was one of the earliest Zionists. During his childhood he lived in Palestine where he was subjected to kabbalistic thoughts from an early age (Cohn-sherbock and El-alami, 3, 2001). Originally Jews awaited the arrival of the Messiah who would bring together the entire Jewish race to their ancient homeland, however during the early nineteenth century a new ideology developed in which it dictated that instead of awaiting the Messiah to arrive and guide the Jewish race to the promised holy land the Jews must prepare a homeland before the arrival of the Messiah. This is where Yehuda comes into...
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