Why Gough Whitlam Shouldn't Have Been Dismissed

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Although the Whitlam government had caused economic turmoil for Australia on numerous occasions, it is evident that the Whitlam government benefited the country far more proficiently than it did harm. For reasons such as social reforms, quality leadership skills, good intentions and many more, the dismissal of Gough Whitlam and his crew was seemingly unreasonable and should not have resulted in the outcome produced. The Whitlam government did create and participate in scandals which undermined their public support and therefore led to the dismissal. Low economic growth became present during the world recession in the early 1970s and funding for Whitlam's social reforms became hard to sustain and increased demands for money for welfare. As a result, Whitlam failed to prioritise economic expenditure. Because of the crisis, appropriated funds for government expenditure (such as voting on bills) was put off and delayed. Consequently, this gave an impression of failure to fulfil promises in which the election had proposed. Rex Connor as well as numerous members of the Labor Party were reluctant to the severity of their actions and unaware of the political naivety that may impact on the country in which they governed. Rex was so committed to his dream of 'buying back the farm' to secure Australia's ownership of land, to an extent in which he negotiated and bargained for loans on behalf of the entire Australian government. Again, this had a crucial effect on the country and produced economy. However, the advantages of the Gough Whitlam’s governing outweighed all the negative controversy which occurred. With Gough Whitlam and his crew in power, the search for great hopes and great endeavours in all areas such as rights for indigenous Australians, multiculturalism and benefits for women became apparent. The introduction of the policy of self-determination encouraged land rights and aimed to improve indigenous Australians’ access to justice. Along with the provision of...
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