Why Google Is a Good Place to Work at

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Purpose of the Report
The purpose of this report is to suggest our classmates Google, Inc. as a good company to work for. Google is able to provide the 3 main things employees look for in their ideal employment - 1. Good Compensation 2. Good miscellaneous benefits and 3. Good working environment. Report also provides how they can increase their chances of getting employed at Google. The data for this analysis was gathered from the numerous online polls and articles from publications such as Fortune magazine, The Economic Times, Vault etc. Though each of these placed Google, Inc. at varying ranking positions, it was consistently featured in the top 10 for almost a decade. Based on this, conclusion was derived that the company indeed is one of the best places to work at. Findings

It was observed that job seekers today look for different things in their jobs than their previous generation. Whereas their parents sought financial security and stability, good post retirement packages, established policies; they look for ability to question authority, flexible arrangements to help the work-life balance, social responsibility initiatives, autonomy and meaningful work. A company that values its employees, understands their concerns and works with them to create a superior working environment will be the ideal choice for them. Google Inc. has shown its commitment to its employees' wellbeing by bringing many novel employee friendly policies over the years. 1. It offers better pay package and growth opportunities. 2. It provides amenities like Gym, fitness classes, car washes, massages, haircuts, dry-cleaning services etc onsite. 3. It provides unlimited sick days, a longer duration maternity leave, onsite child care, free transportation to and from the work place etc 4. Its unique work culture encourages autonomy, creative thinking, individual contribution and team spirit. Conclusion and Suggestions

Google, being a market leader, depends on its employees...
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