Why Go to Summer Program

Topics: Time, Language education, Second language Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Name: Tham Wei Yie
Matrics Number: EEE110145
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administration
There are some of the reasons why I am interested to join for the summer program. Firstly, I can experience a new culture. While on this program, I have a chance to thoroughly experience the culture of the different country. This occurs through direct application as a result of living with a family native to the region, going to school with true residents of the country, and through various other means. I will find myself completely immersed within a different culture once I have arrived in the foreign countries, due to differences in the cuisine, architecture, familial tradition, and even the ways in which people carry out conversation! After having spent a significant amount of time within the country, I will become accustomed to the culture of foreign country and will find myself essentially able to behave in the manner of a local. This excellent learning opportunity typically leaves me with better understanding for people of all sorts, and can really make me feel as though I have become “citizens of the world.” After the return to my country, I will likely enjoy sharing my new culture with those around my friends and relatives. In addition to learning of the culture of the foreign country, I will become familiar with the ways of life of people all around the world through meeting other exchange students. This is guaranteed me to be amusing, and very interesting! Secondly, I will learn a new language. This is the opportunity that I have to learn a foreign language as I never had before. Being a student of going off others country is much like becoming a small child once again, and this provides the opportunity to become familiar with the language in the manner of a native speaker and I will become conversationally fluent if on a short term staying in the different environment. A new language will aid me in the future by allowing me to explore new interests, and...
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