Why Go to School?

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  • Published : February 27, 2006
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Why go to school?

Have you ever wondered why people have to go to school? Well, the answer is simple. School is important for your future. There are many reasons why this is so. First of all, schooling provides you with the education necessary to get a job. Secondly, school teaches you many skills that you need for the future. Lastly, school provides us with a sense of social responsibility. Consequently, school plays a significant role in a person's future One of the biggest reasons school is important for a person's future is that you need an education to get a decent job. To start off, most jobs require at least a grade 12 education. Since the competition for jobs in the marketplace is so high, people with grade 12 are hired before those who never graduated. Thus, without grade 12, a person will have a very hard time finding a job. A second fact in support of this is that most decent paying jobs require some form of college education. For example, most of the jobs that pay significantly above minimum wage, require a certain degree of post secondary training. Therefore, if you want to get a decent paying job, you obviously need schooling. A third reason this is so is that all jobs require you to have certain basic skills such as reading and writing. Without schooling a person would not learn those skills so obviously people need schooling to learn the skills necessary for the job market. Overall, once can see that school is important in helping a person locate respectable employment. Another reason schooling is valuable for a person's future is because it teaches them the skills they need to know. Firstly, school teaches us the skill of reading. One example of how reading helps us can be seen from the fact that people need to be able to read both to find jobs in the classifieds, and to properly fill out job application forms. Obviously, without reading, this would be very difficult to do. A second ability that school provides us with...