Why Global Warming Should Be a Government Concerned Issue.

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Precipitation Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: March 26, 2013
What is global warming imagine a door that’s our atmosphere normally letting sunlight in and out day and night now carbon dioxide comes in and basically turns that door into a trap door now the sunlight gets trapped and it cant get out. Now noramlly you got your plants eating this carbon dioxide but because humans discovered industry not just carbon dioxide is being over produced but the eating machines which are plants and tree’s are being chopped down leaving a lot of carbon dioxide in our atmposhere 1. The primary greenhouse gas responsible for global warming is carbon dioxide. The U.S. is responsible for 19.91% of the carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. 2. Carbon dioxide takes 100 years to disperse in the atmosphere. Even if emissions are stopped today, we will still feel the effects for years to come. 3. Extreme weather doesn't just mean high temperatures. Global warming is causing more intense rainfall and droughts at the same time across the world. 4. The World Health Organization blames 150,000 deaths per year on the effects of global warming including wierd weather, dry deserts, horrific heat waves, rapid rainfall, decreased food production and the increased spread of deadly diseases like malaria. 5. If co2 continues to be produced at its current rate for the next 50 years the world sea levels will rise by 25 feet ultimately displacing over 100,000,000 people. 6. Over 70 billion tonnes of co2 enter the atmosphere every day. 7. There has a been over 100 times the amount of co2 in our atmosphere during the 20th century than there has been within the last 650,000 years.
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