Why Get Involved with Online Social Networking

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Why Get Involved With Online Social Networking?
Social Networking is all the rage these days, but many people still do not understand what all the fuss is about. From the outside looking in, it would seem that online social networking is all about spending a lot of time doing nothing. But once you understand that a social network is as much of a place as it is an activity, all of that begins to change. Online Social Networks Are Your Home on the Web

The difficulty most people have in understanding online social networking is that they view websites as having a specific purpose, like CNN.com for news and YouTube.com for videos and Flickr.com for photos. But social networks like MySpace and Facebook don't provide a specific use so much as a they provide you with a home on the web. Think of e-mail as a P.O. box on the web. A P.O. box is a very handy way of receiving letters from people, but you aren't going to invite people to your P.O. box to look at your family photo albums. You are going to invite them over to your home. That is what an online social network provides: a small piece of the web that you can call your own. You can use it to keep up with a blog, to let your friends and family know what you are up to, and even to share photos from your recent vacation. And because a social network does most of the heavy lifting for you, it is much easier to maintain than a personal website. Online Social Networks Are Good For Friends and Family

The great thing about online social networking is that it provides an easy way to keep up with friends and family. If you live a busy life, it can be difficult to keep in touch with everyone and still get everything done that needs your attention. Online social networking allows you to add people as friends so that you can easily keep in touch with them. They can also provide a great destination for families to keep in touch, share information and photographs, and even plan family reunions or get togethers. Social networks...
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