Why Germany Lost Ww1

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  • Published : November 16, 2008
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Why Germany Lost the First World War
The Invasion of Belgium
The German invasion of Belgium in August 1914 can be seen as a mistake for two reasons: 1.By breaking the Treaty of London (1839) Germany put herself clearly in the position of the aggressor. This meant that Germany, from the beginning of the war, lost the support of neutral opinion and gave the Allies the chance to justify their entry into the war in defence of ‘gallant little Belgium’. 2.It is very possible that Britain might have entered the war against Germany even if Germany had not invaded Belgium. It cannot be denied, however, that the German invasion of Belgium created a situation in which Britain could do little else but enter the war – in response to the violation of the Treaty of London; in defence of the Channel ports now threatened by Germany; to restore the balance of power in Europe. Germany’s action therefore ensured that she had to fight Britain as well as France and Russia. The Breakdown of the Schlieffen Plan

The main hope that Germany had of winning a war on two fronts (France in the West – Russia in the East) lay with the Schlieffen Plan. A quick victory in the West would allow Germany to focus all her attention in the East. However, the quick victory did not materialise and by November 1914 Germany was confronted with a two front war which she was not prepared for militarily or economically. The Allied Powers

All three Triple Entente powers made positive contributions to the allied victory. The wealth and industrial power of Britain and her Empire helped the Allies withstand vast expense of war. (In 1918 alone Britain spent £2,700 million.) The French proved to be a determined ally who were prepared to make great sacrifices rather than surrender as seen, for example at Verdun. Until the Revolution of November 1917 took her out of the war, Russia, with her great reserves of manpower, took much strain off the Allies on the Western Front. This was in spite of her own...
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