Why Gardening is the Best Hobby

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Having a backyard is a great thing!
Having a backyard is a great thing!

Many people say that keeping a garden is not only tedious but also time consuming. I strongly disagree with that because of the following reasons, people have many hobbies but gardening would be the best hobby and the most valuable. Secondly, for a long term basis gardening saves a lot of money and it is a good source of food for a good health and fresh eatables.

Firstly, many people might have hobbies of watching T.V, listening to music, cooking, playing games, swimming etc., but one of the best hobby could be gardening. It is very useful, relaxing and a good change from a daily routine. Growing plants and seeing them grow could be a great passion for many kids and adults. 90% of Australians have a beautiful garden in their backyard. Definitely no would find gardening a tedious and time consuming work.

Secondly, maybe we might not get the outcome of keeping a garden immediately but in a long term basis it is very useful and healthy. As the garden starts to grow, we start getting fruits, vegetables and herbs which are fresh and sweet healthy fruits and vegetables. These days many chemicals are sprayed to make the fruits and vegetables look fresh for a long time. Which can have severe side effects on people it’s better to grow them in your backyard and use them whenever you want them freshly.

Moreover, 25,000 people around Australia have started a campaign to persuade people to start having backyards. It’s a useful thing and we can also help our environment. We should all have a nice big backyard which would mean that we are also becoming healthy and we are also helping our environment. As we all know people cut down trees and use it for many other reasons, but we all should have a backyard and make our country green country.

I’d like to conclude saying having a garden is not a tedious and time consuming work it’s the best thing to have, it would profit us in many ways. We would...
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