Why Fast Food

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, Hamburger Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: January 17, 2013
There are numerous fast food companies emerging around the world, such as McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Subway and others. It is reported that China has already had 3000 branches of KFCs and 1100 branches of McDonald’s that set up by December, 2010. What’s more, McDonald’s spreading out among 121 countries with over 30,000 restaurants and 47 years of sustained profitability. It’s universally acknowledged that fast food is not healthy, especially for children. If you have it often, your health will be badly affected. However, it has become a trend nowadays. Obviously, people are keen on fast food because it is time-saving, a variety of choices, and tempting. As the society develops rapidly, time is the most valuable thing for everybody. In order to keep up with the high-paced life, people work very hard. Ever be engaged in their daily work, people have little time left to cook or they just feel exhausted after a day’s work that they don’t want to cook. Fast food really helps to cut down the time people spend on eating and cooking. Therefore, they prefer to go to McDonald’s or Jack in the Box to have a burger, some fries and a cup of coke as their dinner instead of making dinner by themselves. After all, having dinner in Jack in the Box, all they need to do is to wait for a few minutes then they can be satisfied savoring after a long day’s work, which definitely saves a lot of time from cooking. Housewives, for instance, spend lengthy time everyday thinking about what to eat is healthy and balanced-nutritious. And then they go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. After all of this stuff, they still need to cook for the whole family through tedious process. Fortunately, a housewife doesn’t need to work, or they won’t live an easy life. In addition, fast food offers plenty of choices for people to choose what to eat. It exist a large amount of choice, for people to choose what to eat while the food can meet all kinds of people’s need. They have...
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