Why Fad Dieting Is Bad

Topics: Dieting, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: May 12, 2013

It’s something you see in your magazines every day, it’s that new diet fad that will help you get that “beach body, without the effort in 5 weeks!”. You’ve noticed all the celebrities are doing it too, so clearly it must work. You’re probably also thinking nothing could go wrong. Naturally, you go ahead and try it. You’re seeing some decent results too, but not quite like the magazine said. Give or take a couple weeks after your diet is finished and you notice you’re starting to shoot up in weight, even more so before you started dieting. But you’re not even eating that much! You, just like millions of other Americans, have fell into the dieting scam. This is the most common scenario for people trying to lose weight, they simply do not want to put forth the effort and look for a cheap and easy trick to fix it. Scientific evidence increasingly points to a far deeper problem that confronts dieters: cutting out calories changes your metabolism and brain, so your body hoards fat and your mind magnifies food cravings into an obsession, however, DailyMail seems to argue otherwise.

“Crash dieting is an effective way to slim, scientists have found. Despite health warnings from nutritionists, research showed that dieters who shed the most weight in their first month also lost more in the long run.” Despite health warnings from nutritionists, dieting is still a great way to lose weight, really DailyMail? Let’s go a little deeper, see what else they have to say. “And they were just as likely to maintain their new shape as dieters who lost less”. Dieters were just as likely to retain their shape because that chance is about 5% either way, statistically speaking. There are far too many problems with this article to begin with; I’m almost not sure where to start. They attempt to justify losing weight at drastic speeds by just not eating and comparing it to regular dieting, which itself is terrible for you. There are many instances in this article where...
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