Why Everyone Should Play Video Games

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Purpose: To inform my comm3 classmates about the benefits that they can attain with playing videogames


How many of you like to play games? Most games fascinate us, not just children but adults as well. Games made our childhood a lot more fun and worth looking back on. So today, I will talk about the benefits of playing videogames and why everyone should start learning to play.

While many articles focus on why gaming is evil or detrimental to our health, in the course of this speech I’ll tell you reasons why you should play video games instead.

I. Why should you play videogames?

A. Playing video games will enhance your ability to think quickly as you proceed through the game. Your mind will learn to develop quick decision making.  B. Video games exercise the eyes.
C. Many games nurture logical skills. (Like strategy games, wherein you have to build your base and plan wars such that you’ll attain victory against your friends or enemy computers)

II. Videogames help us to excel
A.Videogames sharpen our thinking abilities and our skills in problem solving. These are qualities that we need in the real world. B.Kids who play video games excel at school and in math. Playing games increases brain function.  C.Playing improves coordination of hand movements and the ability to concentrate without getting disturbed. D. Our focus is strengthened and we learn to block out all sounds and disturbances from our surroundings, which is quite useful. E. Most games are based on facts and that’s why kids receive lots of information with the games they play. F. Research proves that videogames enhance our hand-eye coordination as well as our reflexes. 

III. Gaming improves social skills 
A. Kids learn to play as a group and build teamwork
1. Each of them having their own task to perform and function in different ways from one another. 2. Many games are role-playing and the...
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