Why European Immigrants Travelled to America

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Why European Immigrants Travelled to America

Question: "Describe several reasons Europeans immigrated to the U.S. in the late1800's.....

Progressing through the 1800’s to the turn of the nineteenth century, there were dramatic social and societal changes marking a new path for the future of America. The population increased by millions as more and more immigrants sought new lifestyles to match the luxurious ones Americans were rumored to have, due to their industrial, democratic system. Through the eyes of both Americans, and those of foreign soils, America, particularly between the years 1870 to 1900, was a land of endless opportunities that seemed to constantly be growing both economically and socially. In this time, titled the Gilded Age, the population reached towering numbers as the U.S. transformed.

There were clear reasons for the name historians selected as the title for the thirty year period of time between 1870 and 1900. Filling the short half of a life time mentioned, was a flood of events that helped the United States progress, and changed both the general views of Americans, as well as those of foreigners who were drawn in by the luxuries that U.S. citizens seemed to now possess. The name that was decidedly chosen for the period of time described above was the, "Gilded Age." Something can be referred to as gilded when it beams with gold covering its exterior, but is truly made with a cheaper material internally. For this reason, the term "gilded" meant that, although the United States radiated in its prosperous time of social and economic progression, it was important to recognize that this positive view of the country left much room for the concealing of underlying corruption. Although it was originally used to refer to how the United States was thriving, but, perhaps, housed corruption beneath the surface, there was more recognition placed upon the more positive views of the country at that point, hence the term "gilded". The benefits of...
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