Why Ethics Are Important to Auditors

Topics: Ethics, Corporate governance, Business ethics Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: April 16, 2012
A qualified person, who inspects the accounting records and the practices of an organization, is the basic definition of a Company Auditor.

In financial accounting, an audit is categorized by the self-governing evaluation of the justice by which a company's financial statements are presented and prepared by and to its supervisor. This task is largely performed by the trained, experienced, self-governed and intent persons, known as accountants or auditors. Auditors are on the whole very informed with every characteristic of auditing and they in turn matter a report known as auditor’s report. Since, the auditor acquire immense knowledge in their company and the marketplace in which the company operates, auditors are highly practiced to grant information outside their part of auditing to the company. Other services that they can offer are successions planning, management consulting, planning taxes and deregulation preparation. There are generally two types of auditors:

External Auditors: These auditors visit from outside the company to access and weigh up the financial statements of their clients or to carry out essential evaluation than necessary. They are usually appointed for a time span of 1 year.

Internal Auditors: They are hired by the companies as employees to access and assess the internal direction necessary in the company. They testify directly to BODs or the highest management. They are answerable to have a through view on related issues of the frauds and conflicts that are visible in a company’s record.

As a common statement, audits are always supposed to be an independent evaluation which includes few degrees of both quantitative and qualitative analysis; whereas a judgment requires more dependent and more counseling approach.

The reason being, the purpose of a judgment is to assume something or calculate the worth for it. Although the process producing a judgment may involve an audit as an independent professional, its aim is to give a...
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