Why Eastern India Is Behind Western India

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Good morning to one and all present over here. Today I, Monil Gokani, of class 7 SR, am going to present my speech on the topic “Why Eastern India is falling behind Western India?” on behalf of Shakti House. There are several reasons due to which eastern India is falling behind western. I will compare the various aspects for development in both the regions. Firstly the literacy rate of 2 regions has a vast difference. According to the 2010 census, the literacy rate of eastern India is 59.7%, which is much much less than the national rate of 74.04%. To the contrary, Western India has literacy rate of 83.2%, higher than the national rate. This is one of the major reasons that eastern India is falling behind western India. As literacy decides the awareness and intelligence of people it can be derived from this that east Indian people aren’t aware of the educational institutes as it is also a fact that eastern India has some of the best institutes of the country such as IIT – Kharagpur, IIT –Bhubaneshwar ETC. The eastern coast of India is also more prone to the natural disasters occurring in the Bay of Bengal, such as tsunamis and cyclones. The damage caused by these results in the worsening up of the already bad financial conditions of the regions state governments. In case of eastern India, the coast not under as severe a threat to water-borne disasters as the eastern coast, which means the financial expenses are not as much as that of the eastern India. Plus the financial condition gets a boost due to tourism as it has many historical as well as archaeological structures and places not to mention the various religious pilgrimage centers. Therefore this region is financially sound can expend more on its development than eastern India.
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