Why Dont We Complain

Topics: United States, Political philosophy, 2007 singles Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: September 30, 2012
In this article William F. Buckley Jr. shows that Americans don’t complain because we have gotten used to waiting for someone else to do it for us. I think that we should get up from our seats and stand up for ourselves. We are considered a sleeping giant. As a sleeping giant we need to wake up and take control of the situations. America needed to stand up and complain if the trains to hot or if we don’t get enough change back. This will help us to better ourselves from not standing up for what is our right. We also don’t stand up because we afraid of what other people think of us. The KYW radio station’s slogan says “You give us fifteen minutes, we’ll give you the world”, and we’ll foolishly believe them. Therefore we are slowly handing over our freedom to make choices to “a powerful government whose hold upon us” gets stronger every time we pass over the opportunity to speak our mind. If we don’t stand up for each other than the government will take over all of our rights and we will never have freedoms for the rest of our lives. The bank bailouts and the buying of American companies like GMC are all examples of how “more power drains away from the individual to…far-off places”, and since we do not speak out against it, we are becoming helpless and have“less say about the shape of events that shape our future.” This is why we need to stand up cause like I said we won’t have any say in what we vote for, want, need, and other important thing that may help us for the future of the united states of america.
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