Why Don't We Eat Dog?

Topics: Livestock, Meat, Animal rights Pages: 7 (2645 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Why Don’t We Eat Dogs?
Franklin Salcedo
DeVry University

Why Don’t We Eat Dogs?
What makes some animals better than others? Or better yet, why do we eat certain animals while it is a crime to eat others? It is questions like these that many people would hope to ignore forever or rather avoid. But as humans, these are the type of questions which define us as better beings and often challenge us to think and act in a way that’s worthy of our better capabilities, intellect, conscience, and hearts. If only an animal would ever speak or rise up the way many human rights activist did in the past in defense of human equality regardless of race or skin color. Surely we would have massive protests and riots from pigs, cows, lambs, goats, and many other animals whose rights are just completely ignore by the vast majority. It is sad to see that these rights are only applied in favor of a handful of animals, while others are locked away and confined to feedlots where the powerful meat industry obliterates their rights and turn their lives into profitable pieces of meat. Though it is legal by law, culture, and trade, the maltreatment and killing of these animals to feed the inhumane and greedy meat for profit industry must stop not only because it violates animal rights, but also because it promotes an agenda of animal abuse, exploitation, and unhealthy human nutrition for generations to come. Instead, the Government should partner up with animal rights activist groups and launch a national animal cruelty awareness campaign, impose a feedlot tax to discourage this industry, and create incentives for businesses and individuals in an effort to encourage us all to become vegetarian. Forcing animals out of their natural habitat and into industrialized secluded lots only to be fed, grow, slaughter, and then turned into pieces of meat for profit is the most obvious form of animal abuse ever. Many people can argue that the owners and companies can do whatever they want with their animals and having them in feedlot is not much different when compare to their idle lives in closed barns. However, remarks like this can only remind us of our own past struggles in dealing with the sad reality of slavery. As Mr. Peter Singer once said “If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to use another for his or her own ends, how can it entitle humans to exploit non-humans for the same purpose?” (Pollan 307) How would anyone feel if someone in my family ever decided to grab my puppy dog and slaughter her, crush her bones while cutting her into pieces, peel off her skin, cook her, and gather everyone at the table to serve her for dinner. Just the thought of it would have upset anyone’s stomach, because it’s not only gross, it’s also criminal and whoever does anything remotely close to that would end up in jail right away.-Why is that? Well, it is simply because my dog has rights. So we must ask ourselves, what ever happened to the rights of so many cows, bulls, heifers, steers, pigs, goats, or the lambs, Just to name a few? Who decided they are not animals alike or don’t have the same rights as my dog? As Mrs. Sue Coe refers to on Mr. Steven Heller’s article “Witness to slaughters” (2012), all the workers involved and who are witnesses to all these kinds of vicious crimes inflicted to these poor animals are brainwashed by the government backed meat industry propagandas. They feel they can do whatever they want with these animals as they are no longer considered animals anymore, but merely property. However, they ignore that they themselves are looked upon the same way by the same industry. (pg.3) As sad as it might sound, According to “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” these feedlots are government approved Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations where the giant corn and meat industries meet to unleash their profit ambitions in the most gruesome animal exploitation ever imagined. Here is where the excess of all of the...
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