Why Does Vandalism Occur?

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Why does vandalism occur? Vandalism is everywhere, why do it? It is stupid and reckless, not to mention illegal! It occurs because of bad choices you as a person make, like who you surround yourself around and the friends you choose. Or because of the mood or mindset you are in. There are many reasons why vandalism occurs, but not many ways to putting it to a stop.

Friends are not always your friends! Friends sometimes get you into sticky situations, but friends are not the one’s making your choices for you, they might have a large influence on the circumstance in which you are in but ultimately you are responsible for your own actions. If someone asks you if you want to tag along in something that is illegal like vandalism, well then I would say “that is not your friend.” You make your own decisions so why choose to associate yourself around people you think that are your friends that are going to get you in trouble by doing stupid illegal activities such as vandalism?

A person’s background is something that cannot be changed but it is something that you can learn from and make better choices. Mad or angry? Don’t take it out on something else by destroying or defacing it. Cry! Yes cry, do something because if you don’t your going to do something you will regret for the rest of your life, get help! Talk to someone, relieve your stress in a way that won’t harm, or destroy anything or anyone. The best advise I would give for someone that comes from a bad background would be to get counseling or talk to someone before you take your problems out in a way that is illegal or irrational.

Why do it? Vandalism! It is stupid! Don’t be that person that gets caught up doing illegal activities and ruining your life when you could be making choices for the better. Don’t make bad choices when it comes to choosing your friends, and don’t let someone talk you into something you don’t want to do. Don’t be stupid and reckless! Why be the bad kid on the block when you don’t...
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