Why Does the Society of Animal Farm Become Corrupted?

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  • Published : January 22, 2011
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The basic reason for the corruption of the society of Animal Farm was because the pigs were smarter than the other animals, hence, there was a natural inequality that gave the pigs a chance to exploit the other animals. However, those few animals that were smart enough to understand what was going on were unable to stop the pigs because they were afraid of being punished for raising doubts about Napoleon’s supposedly great leadership. The reason that the pigs used their natural advantage to exploit the other animals for their own benefit was because they grew to love power and the benefits that came from it. After the pigs grew used to the benefits of power they no longer believed that all the other animals should have the right to benefit from it as well. But the whole reason for the rebellion was so that all animals could be equal and will have to suffer no more from the cruelty of not having enough food and human beatings. But even though they did successfully chase the humans away and beat them in many life-threatening battles, they did not realise that the pigs were beginning to replace the humans by showing selfishness, greed, cruelty, and unfairness. One example of selfishness from the pigs was the changing of their 7 commandments. They changed the commandments only to their own interests, not for the whole community. Some of the animals soon realised that the commandments were different from before and eventually saw the pigs as cruel. But they were powerless to object to this because they were afraid of being ripped apart by Napoleon’s dogs. An example of the pigs using their intelligence to mislead the others animals into agreeing to a change that was in the pigs’ own interest was when Squealer persuaded the animals to let the pigs have all the windfall apples (including the main harvest of apples) and the milk for their own health and well being. One of the ways that Squealer used to persuade the animals was to repeatedly threaten them with the...
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