Why Does the Gevernment Only Have Two Parties

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  • Published : July 21, 2008
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Why does the United States only have two principal political parties? What role can 3rd parties play?
There are many reasons why America has only two major political parties. It could be the cause of the federal government. The major parties reflect its decentralized structure. Candidates are recruited at the state or local level and are responsive primarily to their own state or local constituencies. At the national level, they consist of local party representatives. This state local orientation affects the policy positions that parties take and the decisions that their elected officials make. What this really means is that we started off with a two party government and people in these parties came into power. Now that they attained the power they do not want to give it away so what the parties do is give their power to people that think just like them which would be other members in their party. On top of that it is so hard for a smaller party with no financial backing to even compete with the two monstrous parties.

Another reason why we have a two system party is most public officials in the United States are chosen in a single-member district. This means whoever wins the majority vote is the only party represented in that district. This makes it hard for third parties to get their hat in the race because they have to fight with these two strong parties and they don’t have a chance to get their name out enough. The Democrats and Republicans are very different, you could say that they are as different as left and right. Without a third party they have a 50/50 chance of winning. When they win they can make laws that their party wants them to make. These two parties don’t want any interference from a third party because when the election is close third party could mess everything up.

The green part is now active with 46 states is very close to getting all 50 states to become active with them. They are going to campaign these to obtain ballots in these...
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