Why Does Our Society Provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities?

Topics: Disability, Morality, Ethics Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: November 6, 2010
Nuzhat Nada

1.Why does our society provide vocational rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities? At present, our society provides vocational rehabilitation services to the PWID because majority of them feel it is their moral and social obligation to contribute to the lives of those who are deserving of their help. Since about 50 million Americans have some kind of disability, which suggest that in every family we are likely to see someone who is dealing with disability. In addition, since the medical field has advanced in prognosis and treatment, PWID have better chance to receive effective treatment that is likely to help them manage their life better. Therefore, citizens are more willing to contribute to the vocational services to PWID, which are tailored to fit the need of the People with disabilities, leading them to become more independent, and productive. In addition, from the economic point of view, it takes millions of dollars to run government and state funding agencies that provides rehabilitation facilities to our citizens with disabilities. The intellectual and moral growth of our community has helped people better understand the criticality of providing appropriate facilities to the need of our PWID. After all, they are American citizens, someone’s mother, father, brother or sister. To think of it we are not helping “them” rather helping ourselves as a society. For this reason Americans are known to be each other’s keepers. However, some people are not happy about those who choose unhealthy way of life by abusing drugs and alcohol and as a result develop chronic diseases that require rehabilitation and assistant living. Some of the Government Agencies as well as the community at large frown upon such behaviors because the treatment is costly. Again, the question is who are these people and how did they developed such maladaptive behaviors that are not only detrimental to their well being but also to the society...
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