Why Does Hamlet Procrastinate?

Topics: Marriage, Family, Mother Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 16, 2008
Why Does Hamlet Procrastinate?
In a situation where ones mother turns her back on you and your emotional state of mind after your father had just died and expects you to put up with the fact she has married your fathers brother within 3 months of his death…from a drama perspective you would be expected by a paying audience that you would go all straight away guns blazing in order to exact swift brutal revenge on the people who have, in a metaphoric sense, dropped a whole load faeces on you and your emotion. This is the situation that Hamlet is faced with in William Shakespeare’s iconic play appropriately titled “Hamlet”. A question that has arose from the play, start to finish is why does hamlet delay the inevitable blood splattered vengeance on his Uncle. There are of course 2 main ways to look at it. Hamlet is a very emotionally unstable person; his drift into madness is shown as a growing theme in the play, lets be honest its hard to blame him giving his situation, but if the situation alone isn’t bad enough he also has to deal with two other factors that can seem only to drive him even closer to the edge, you have his mum being openly explicit about her and her husbands (Hamlets uncles) sex life. No one wants to hear about his or her mother’s sex life, let alone from the man who has just done everything he can to enslave the name of his dad. The King really is portrayed as a character to hate in this play, you can break down all the things that’s wrong with him into a selection of bullet points: ·His brother had died, you expect him to be mourning

·He takes the opportunity of his brothers death is move in on his grieving wife ·He then marries her giving himself the luxury of being king ·He openly has intercourse with her on a regular basis, even more in spite of his brother ·He tells everyone to simply forget about his brother and move on with their lives. ”To our most valiant brother. So much for him. Now for our self and this time of meeting” And...
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