Why Do You Want Your Ged

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Essay Topic: Why do I want your GED My GED is an very important for me and part of life if I could have one wish it would be to pursue my GED and further my education but was unable to graduate high school for whatever reason. I though school wasn’t for me and I still remember till this day an old friend of mine telling me to finish my school and never listen to him I myself earned a diploma through Jefferson high school academy online but I heard that GED on line weren’t real and to expensive so my diploma is essentially worthless for me. So that’s why I want to earn my GED the right way like everybody else in school now and days that why am working towards earning my GED so I can go to college and learn about subjects I am interested in as well as learning new things and gaining new experiences for a better life and future. Several reasons contribute to why I am finally deciding to buckle down and get my GED, but I would have to say the biggest one is simply to get my GED and gain more knowledge about everything that has to do with either computers medical or law. In todays advanced world education is everything. Computers control almost everything and in turn must have reliable and properly educated people to run them. Getting my GED will allow me to start college if I qualify and then further my knowledge of computers as well as their hardware and software, or medical to help patients and or law to protect and server. and to get all of this I need to pass my GED just like my friend once told me.

Is because I’m going thru a really hard time in my life and I don’t want to life like this anymore I want to be independent and have a stable life I get angry with myself all the time for not finishing school, not listening to my elders and parents and not being able to support myself and live life as I want to live it

about what I want to do and love doing and hope
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