Why Do You Want to Work for This Company?

Topics: Employment, Interview Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: July 2, 2012
In a job interview, how does a person answer the question "why do you want to work for this company?"

This common interview question is phrased in a simple manner, but this it encompasses a range of sub-questions that you must be aware of. Interviewers ask this because they want to know the following:

* What do you know about this company?
* Why have you chosen to apply in this particular company? * Do you have a specific job in mind?
* How do you intend to use your skills in relation to the job that you are applying for?

Prior to the interview, you must at least have a background regarding the company. You can gather information by visiting their website and reading their annual reports. The best option, though, is to learn from an inside source – talking to the employees will give you a better understanding of the company.

As an applicant, you have to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for the company. You could do this by pointing out some of their achievements and highlights. You could also cite how you first heard about the company. Naturally, the interviewer will be curious as to what motivated you to work in their company instead of working in a different company. It will also be a good idea to mention positive feedbacks about the company.

It is important to know what type of job you want. Are you a fresh graduate whose priority is gaining experience? Or are you a professional who wants to broaden his working horizon? Keep in mind that the interviewer should feel that you are not merely “shopping” for work – subtly state that you have investigated the rival companies and that this is the company you want to work for.

You must indicate how you envision yourself as member of the company. In what way can you contribute to the success of the company? Prepare at least three reasons that make you a competitive applicant for the job: your skills, strengths, experience, background, etc.

An important reminder: This is not a yes...
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