Why Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Court, Judge Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The definition of a law state’s that ‘a lawyer is a person who practiced law and delivered justice. The role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdiction. So, as relation to the topic above, I want to become a lawyer because, it is my ambition to become a lawyer since when I was in class five know that it is not so easy to become a lawyer. Because the subject law is not very easy to study, because the study material are so huge. There is so many constitution and act to study. And established as an honorable lawyer is not so easy, it takes a lot of time to establish in the society as a good lawyer. But also I have choose to become a lawyer because, in my point of view, the population of our country is about sixteen core and the number of lawyer in our country is about 42000 and number of judges is about 1800. So it is very less in number in relation to the number of people in our country. And because of crisis of people in the judicial department it takes a lot of time for judgment in our country. And I can see no one care about all this problem, everyone wants to be doctor, engineer or wants to complete MBA or BBA and look for comfortable jobs. It’s a profession which is to serve for the people, it is honorable profession, and it gives relief to people similar to medical hospital. A hospital heal the physical parts of the people where as a lawyer heal the people both physically and mentally. In our country we can see many poor people often engaged different kind of crimes, and they do not get right judgment because they do not have the capacity to haired a good experience lawyer, because the demand of money of a good lawyer is more, so I have decided to established myself as a good lawyer, I’ll give right judgments to the people. And I think to practice as a lawyer in the court is not so easy, because it need a great courage to fight against different civil and criminal cases. Because sometimes the lawyer gets different threats from different...
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