Why Do You Think Palestinians Should Get Their Land Back

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Now at days I think that the Palestinians Arabs should keep the holy land known as Israel today. After all they were the rightful owners of Palestine about more than 50 years before the Palestinian Jews. I think that the Palestinian Jews had no right to force the 725,000 of Palestinian Arab to become refuges. I think that all the Palestinian Arabs had a right to be very upset because the Palestinian Jews cheated in the war by attacking when they were unprepared. The Palestinian Jews won both wars because the Jews had Britain helping them and getting organized. So even if they had fewer people they would win because they had better supplies and Tanks they were more organized , And also they had the support of the United Nations and Britain.

The Palestinian Arabs felt very betrayed and cheated because in the year 1947 Britain handed over the problem of a Jewish homeland to the United Nations. Whom they voted to partition the territory, creating two separate countries. Which is unfair because it was for the Palestinian Arabs to start with, and also the way the portion was made to let the Palestinians Jews control 75 percent of the land. And as that was not enough in the massacre of Deir Yasin they killed 200 thousand people, and caused 725,000 to become refuges in so many countries. These Palestinian Arabs were forced to leave their homes, quit their jobs, lose all their properties and positions, and with no money to start over in other countries, and in very hard and difficult circumstances to live in refuge camps under very hard and sometimes bad Circumstances .The were deprived from sleeping in their beds, playing with their favorite toys all of a sudden they are refugees; they are living as a burden in a different country that is not theirs. Getting stripped from all there positions and were left with absolutely nothing. AND that just justified by the united nation and Britain that they promised the Jews to give a new homeland in the area of Palestine as...
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