Why Do Women Live Longer Than Man

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A short narrative I will never forget that summer
It was just summer. 1 year passed that I graduated the university and I found a job first. I used to have a headache always so I solved to rest in the resort in the country side. I think which resort is better. After I thought so much, I understood I could rest in the resort that must have quiet environment and forest around it. I took my holiday of year and I went to Nomt resort in the Selenge province. I put my things into my backpack. I went to the selenge province by the train. In the selenge, my school friend received me and he left me to the Nomt resort by his car. In the Nomt resort, I had been rested in little wooden house with a naked flame for 5 days. At the time, it was raining for 4 days, although I didn’t bore because I wish to be in quiet place. I started to wake up in 6 o’clock later 2 days. Before it, I had a lot of sleeping. When I used to wake up in 6 o’clock I would hear sounds of the birds. I walked though forest to summit of mountain per morning. I feel a quite amazing. After that summer holiday, I hadn’t been having a headache for over than year. People who have a brainwork need to holiday in the quiet and nature place once a year. Population growth in urban area

I am from Darkhan. Darkhan is a more beautiful and comfortable city than other Mongolian province but I choose to live in Ulaanbaatar because Ulaabaatar is a capital city of Mongolia and the city like Ulaanbaatar isn’t in Mongolia. My all high school friends live in Ulaanbaatar and no one of them don’t remain in Darkhan. Darkhan’s youth migrate to UB so young residents of other province necessitate move to UB. Population growth in Ulaanbaatar is caused aforesaid reasons. Therefore, Mongolian government must have a policy that first center of the province will be developed. I believed that If in the centers of province, a lots of working place is with high salary will be appeared, kinder-gardens, high schools, university,...
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