Why Do We Want to Be Great Teachers?

Topics: Education, Teacher, Profession Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: March 29, 2013
In the pursuit of professional development, people should often ask themselves how much they will give to others through their work. I think that that is a powerful principle on which future teachers must base their professional practice in order to become great teachers. Bearing it in mind leads to the understanding of teaching as one of the most beautiful and privileged “jobs” as it enables a connection between knowledge and minds, in which we, as teachers, are a bridge between the two.

Any future teacher wants to be great because of the huge responsibility she or he carries. It is well known that teaching implies knowledge, passion, patience, love, firmness and a wide range of values that build us up and makes us able to open the door to discovery and learning as stated by some British students in the video “What makes a good teacher?”. All of these values become necessary when working with other people, especially with children and teenagers. Teaching, then, turns into not only an opportunity to work, but a challenge regarding time management, development of empathy, effective communication and self development,. This idea is supported by Mary Kooy, one of the experts on “What makes great teachers great?” as she states: (Being a great teacher) starts, ends and continues with life-long professional learning. It never stops.

During our lives, it is inevitable to feel immense joy when someone succeeds at anything due to our contribution, support or guidance; no matter how small it is. That fulfillment cannot easily be compared to anything else. Any of us would like to be a great teacher because through helping others to expand their horizons, one self feels satisfaction. Kooy says that a teacher “must start by getting to know her/his students” and that means that in order to achieve those goals together, both teachers and students must enable a good academic and interpersonal relationship. She also states that...
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