Why Do We Study Shakespeare?

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Why do we study Shakespeare’s plays and poems?

One of the reasons why we study Shakespeare plays and poems is because he was such a great poet and play script writer of all times. In all his plays, they had a hidden theme, which would certainly confuse the audience but almost make them curious about what the play was actually trying to make the people watching it think. His plays are always meaningful and can be related back to times significant to others, which are still relevant today. Another reason is because he had such a vivid imagination, that people were always hooked on what was going to happen next and could picture anything he acted out in front of his them. I have found out that many of the expressions and words that we use come from Shakespeare and when we study this it gives us new insights to our language; how rich and beautiful it is.

Globe theatre facts:
* In the Elizabethan era
* Layout of theatre: (The Globe Theater had a 1500 plus audience capacity. Three levels of galleries. )


* The Globe was built in a similar style to the Coliseum, but on a smaller scale. * Shakespeare and his company built TWO Globe Theatres!
* The Globe theatre was built by a carpenter called Peter Smith together with his workforce. They started building in 1597 and it was finished in 1598 * All theaters located in the City were forced to move to the South side of the River Thames leading to the building of the Globe theatre * The Globe would have particularly attracted young people * Some plays performed at the theatre:

Twelfth Night -1601
Richard II - 7 February 1601
Macbeth -1606
Pericles, Prince of Tyre- 1607
Henry VIII – 1613 and lots more!
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