Why Do Think the Pamphlet Targets Jews as Enemies of the German People?

Topics: Germany, Nazi Germany, Hungary Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Topic: - Why do think the pamphlet targets Jews as enemies of the German people? Main Reasons: - Religion, different customs, nationality, etc. Source: - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet (1930) by Katharine J. Lualdi. Dr. Backlund

Feb 3rd, 2011
HIS 102

Sandeep Patel
HIS 102
I think pamphlet targets Jews as enemies of the German people because German’s thought that they were better than Jews. German’s were fighters for the freedom of the German people. They also thought that Jew’s were the cause and the beneficiary of German’s misery. Jew’s were the real cause of our loss of the Great War. These were the main reason why Jews were enemies of German people.

There were several other reasons of Jews being target as enemies of German people. The Jews has no interest in the solution of Germany’s fateful problems. “If we would make the German people a unified community and give them freedom before the world, then the Jew can have no place among us. He has the best trump in his hands when a people live in inner and outer slavery. The Jew is responsible for our misery and he lives on it.” All these being in this pamphlet make me think that this pamphlet targets Jews as enemies of the German people. Germans also stated, “This is the reason why we, AS NATIONALISTS and AS SOCIALISTS, oppose the Jew.” The Jew has corrupted German’s race, fouled their morals, under minded their customs, and broken their power. Germans also thought that the Jew is the plastic demon of the decline of Mankind. The Jew was not creative, nor he produced anything. He only handled products. Germans wanted him to struggle against the state so he can be revolutionary, because Germans thought as soon as he gets power, he preaches quiet and order, so that he can consume his plunder at his convenience. Jews were not Christian, which was the big issue between Jews and Germans. Germans though that to be a Christian means love the neighbors as themselves. You must hate you...
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