Why Do Things Fall Apart?

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Christianity, Suicide Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 28, 2013
“Why do things fall apart?”
In the novel, “Things Fall Apart”, we learn about an African village that confronts change when Christian missionaries arrive with new found ideas and religion. Most of the villagers are caught in-between the resistance of embracing the new changes except for one strongly willed man, Okonkwo. Okonkwo having conflict with his father growing up, finds that the changes made in his village were too much for him to handle. In the conclusion of the story, Okonkwo commits suicide because he is unable to adapt to the new society. He also finds that if he were to kill himself he would be controlling his own destiny rather than letting the Europeans gain control of him, being the proud man that he remained to be throughout the novel. “Things” for Okonkwo and his village started to fall apart after the many sins that Okonkwo committed in fear of resembling his father whom in his eyes, was a weak and cowardly man. When a man, such as Okonkwo, continues to live a life full selfishness, vulgarity and intolerance he will soon fall apart. One can assume such a statement because men and women are not placed on earth to rise above others and do as they please, consequences will occur. In the novel, Okonkwo encounters a boy named, Ikemefuna, and finds an ideal son out of him. Ikemefuna views Okonkwo as a father figure, due to the fact that he once called him “father”. Okonkwo is told that Ikemefuna must be killed by a respected elder in the village, although it was important that Okonkwo was not to be a part of the massacre because Ikemefuna calls him dad. After hours of walking, Ikemefuna is attacked and immediately runs to Okonkwo for protection. Okonkwo then finishes off the slaughter of Ikemefuna so that he wouldn’t look weak in front of his much respected tribesmen. This event displays Okonkwo’s tragic flaw, which is his fear of being weak, like his father. The apprehension drives Okonkwo to attract trouble to him and his family. Another reason...
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