Why Do Students Often Drop Out of College?

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, University Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: November 18, 2012

As we know that, the Vietnamese society has changed so much for the past decade, which causes some positive effects as well as negative issues in the education system. Some research has shown that the rate of students dropping out of college has been increased remarkably recently. There are some possible reasons causing this issue, which will be discussed in form of objective and subjective point-of-view in the following part. First and foremost, from the objective point-of-view, some colleges or universities have their illegal accreditation or license expired after a period of time. Raffles Ho Chi Minh City – College of Design and Commerce, as a particular example, has its bachelor degree programs unaccepted by Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam at the beginning of 2012, which have caused damage to the students studying at there and the students graduating from there. They had to choose either continue their study in another country such as Singapore or start all over at another college. Moreover, another reason is possibly because a university or college does not have enough facility for supporting the students in during practice of their study. For example, in the biology lab, students need new technology and machines for studies yet the college does not have enough for everyone while it is hard to learn biology just by reading books and looking at pictures. On the other hand, subjectively, students’ interest is changing very often. They may find the current major not fit with their interest, ability and health after studying for awhile because the lessons are too difficult and boring that students cannot handle and do not have the spirit to study. Furthermore, some students prefer finding a job and making money to studying lessons. By earning some money, students can afford what they need and receive job’s and real life’s experience. Therefore, those students may not have enough time to follow and understand all...
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