Why Do Societies Reject Women Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Female, Gender Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Why leadership is affected by the gender? Do women really want to be leaders? Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Every person, no matter their gender, has varying characteristics that may make him or her great leader in various situations. Most developing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Yemen are considered to have the most gender stereotyping population. Women who live in these countries are still trying to persuade their husbands, family, and society to allow them to study, or work, so they can develop their self- self-confident. According to Maslow's theory human's third need to satisfy is self-assured, leadership desire, and the other psychological needs. If those females lack the third need, the subconscious will not cease sending alerting messages to the body until the need is fulfill. Because we live in a masculine world, women leadership has become a significant topic. Two hundred million women around the world these days are successful leaders in different field. Women leadership has become a controversial issue, also. It is unacceptable practice in the majority of Islam countries, yet during prophet Mohamed times it was accepted. Prophet wives were sent to lead medical groups and fight as soldiers in wars and they help him in spreading the Islam. Not only prophet wives had leadership skills, but also other Muslim women who are well known in history and a lot of people appreciate them. Nowadays, large numbers of people in Islam countries are rejecting the concept of women leadership and consider it against their norms, traditions, and cultures. According to the article, most people link the word male when they think of leadership and they perceive incompatibility between the requirements of femininity and leadership (Lips, 2009).The opponent against women leadership claims that leadership idea is not matching the requirements of femaleness. However, to be a leader the person need...
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