Why Do People Think Living in the Past Would Be the Better Way to Live?

Topics: Working class, Social class, Middle class Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Why do people think living in the past would be the better way to live? Many people at some point of their lives come to a conclusion that, life is hard. As people may think living in the present seems to be stressful, hard or depressing, they still think that if they lived in the past, their lives would be so much easier and happier. This is untrue in many different ways. Infact, today has much easier living conditions then back then. With all the stresses the present has, we have many ways to overcome them as people back then couldn't without having some consiquences. Back then many struggled just to pass the time. People consitantly had to worry about jobs, women had no rights and "belonged" to their father or husband, and the big possibilty of war. One thing people constantly had to worry about was war. A war could break out at any day back then. Leaving empires crushed and the innocent dead. It would put polliticians in a tough spot. Promises became hard to keep, and countries became stuck in a arm race. Why was an arms race such a big deal? Well, an example was with Britian and Germany competing with who could have the strongest navy army. What was the big deal about that? It drained the economy, made them stronger and more destructive then ever before putting a greater level of danger to the people who had to use them. Even though this did create jobs, which is what will be discussed about in the next point, the economy suffered more then ever before. A hacking cough tugs at his chest. His eyes swell up, and his face turns blacker then night. And from his heart swells a sea of grief. Then ask, brother, which is the greatest suffering? In the old world or the new? Life doesnt seem to apealing back then now does it? Commen labours only made between 15 to 25 cents an hour. All because they were not born into a rich family or a family of royalty. Which leads to poverty, lack of comfortable housing, and being unable to sit down to a nice meal at the dinner...
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