Why Do People Switch Jobs

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Why do people switch jobs?

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Job hoping defined
Why do people switch Jobs?
Reasons and implications
Results of the study
Grass is not always green on the other side.
It aint that bad also
IT/ITES sector
What is in it for the organizations?
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Man is a social animal and society requires man to keep asking for changes. Early man was a nomad who kept changing his dwellings. Though evolution made man to be a social being and frequent changes in dwellings and occupations stopped but the craving for change was still there. With the advent of globalization the options to work increased manifold and so were the organizations. Hence the desire for change also grew and we now see a trend of past coming back of frequenting jobs. The basic reason remains the same, for growth but it is now associated with some secondary reasons also. We barely get to hear of a person who started his career with an organization many years back, dedicated his entire career growing with the organization and finally retired from the same organization. As it is said, nothing lasts forever; same is the case with jobs these days. Jobs today do not last unlike previous generations. In the past few years job-hopping has become so widespread across the industries that even a four year stretch in the same organization is considered to be a stable job. Three jobs in less than a year, no longer raise eyebrows and gaps mouths. Job hopping, in fact, has become the new mantra for success. People no longer believe in sticking to one job and waiting for that golden leap to come Studying the Indian Corporates we find that the industry that faces the highest number of job changes or attrition as they call it, is the industry that put India on world Map- the IT/ITES industry. But is job hopping for career advancement a mere illusion or does it really pay? The trend of hopping jobs is prevalent in IT- ITeS...
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